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New Music Video for ‘Heavy Gloom”

It has been a while since we have released a music video but the wait is over. In our new video for ‘Heavy Gloom’ a group of skateboarding hoodlums clash with a couple of hard-nosed, mustached security officers. If you don’t have the know-how of building your computer for music production pick any of the best laptops for music production with your DAW software in mind and don’t forget to read the DJ headphone review by which will help you out a lot with production as well. Furthermore, if you’re looking for ways on where to store your production data like raw videos, sound effects, audio, and photos, look for cloud computing. To learn more about the advantages of cloud computing, visit


“Security Chief Rich Buckley & myself, Security Officer Nutt, came across these 3 horrid punks vandalizing our property. Following an on foot pursuit, we set the precedent for what happens when you mess with security.” – Officer Doug H. Nutt

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